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Social Studies Teacher (234)

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TitleSocial Studies Teacher
Posting ID234

Dare County Schools 

Title: Teacher 

Reports to: Principal

Salary: State Salary Plus Local Supplement



QUALIFICATIONS:  North Carolina Educator’s Licensure in the assigned area 


SUPERVISES:  May coordinate and direct the activities of teacher assistants


DESCRIPTION: The Teacher/Licensed Employee is required to follow all Board Policies and procedures and to comply with the instructions and/or directives from his/her supervisor(s).In addition, the licensed employee shall perform in a manner that meets or exceeds each of the Standards and Elements for the applicable North Carolina evaluation process.

Further, the licensed employee will ensure the following.

  1. Arrival at school each day at an appropriate time designated by the principal ready and prepared to complete all assigned duties.
  2. Completion of all assigned and/or accepted extracurricular and non-instructional such as the following duties in a timely and professional manner:
  3. Bus duty;
  4. Cafeteria supervision;
  5. Playground duty;
  6. Supervision of extra-curricular activities; except that no such assignments may be made to initially licensed teachers unless they request such assignment in writing, or unless the Board makes a finding that there is a compelling reason to suspend this policy for an individual school;
  7. Service on committees; and
  8. All other duties may be assigned by the Superintendent, principal, or other supervisor(s).
  9. When the employee is absent, completion of detailed plans for all classes/assigned duties during the period of absence. If an absence can be anticipated, plans should be left the day before the absence occurs. Because absences cannot always be anticipated, emergency lesson plans should be kept on file in a location designated by the principal.
  10. Delivery of instruction that will ensure attainment of educational goals and objectives. Each teacher will prepare daily well-prepared lesson plans to ensure superior delivery of the curriculum program.
  11. Teachers and other licensed employees will participate in all required staff meetings and student academic meetings, including required meetings for students with special needs, in a professional manner.
  12. Teachers and other licensed employees will complete and transmit all required reports and other documentation in a timely and professional manner.
  13. Teachers and other licensed employees will respond to all parent inquiries, complaints and/or concerns in a timely and professional manner.
  14. Teachers and other licensed employees should direct complaints regarding the work environment to the appropriate supervisor(s). Further, they should avoid confrontations with co-workers, including but not limited to, engaging in actions or conversations which the employee knows or should know will result in an actual disruption.
  15. Teachers and other licensed employees will manage students’ behavior to minimize disruption to the educational environment and refer students, as necessary, to the administration for disciplinary action.
  16. Teachers and other licensed employees are responsible for seeking clarification whenever unsure about any of the requirements of this policy.

The failure or unwillingness of a teacher to comply with professional standards of conduct and performance may result in contract non-renewal or disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from employment. In all matters concerning a teacher’s compliance with this policy, consideration shall be given to the impact on the education of a student or group of students and on the overall educational environment of the school.

Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangePer Month
LocationManteo High School

Applications Accepted

Start Date11/01/2023