Dare County Schools 

Teacher Assistant

Reports to: Principal





The classroom teacher assistant is a paraprofessional who practices under the close, ongoing supervision of a certified teacher.  The classroom teacher assistant is primarily responsible for the implementation of small group instruction as directed and planned for by the classroom teacher. These services include providing reinforcement of lessons presented by the assigned classroom teacher (in small group or 1:1 instruction) or supervising students during learning activities, cafeteria visits, and/or recess.  In cases where an assistant is assigned to facilitate students in a lab or classroom setting where students are not receiving direct instruction from a face-to-face teacher, the primary function of the assistant is to supervise and support the completion of classwork assigned, problem-solve situations as they arise, and keep order.


The teacher assistant does not design instruction or assessment plans, but may be consulted by the classroom teacher for feedback in order to monitor student progress.   It is the responsibility of the supervising classroom teacher to determine which tasks a teacher assistant may perform as a function of his or her training, experience, and competence. 


When working within the exceptional children’s program, teacher assistants will work with students with special needs.  Teacher assistants in this environment may be asked to attend regular education classes to support learning by adapting information and tasks to their learning style and IEP goals.  When working with students with severe disabilities, teacher assistants may be assigned to students in order to help meet their basic needs (transitions between locations, eating, or personal hygiene).  In the secondary level, teacher assistants may be asked to support students in the learning of life skills necessary to find a job and/or live independently after graduation.